Sponsored sessions

Thursday 9 November 2017

07.45-08.45 Biotest Symposium (not part of CME programme)

The importance of safe and efficacious immunoglobulin therapies in PID patients

Chair: Bodo Grimbacher
• Quality and safety requirements for immunoglobulin preparations – Prof Matthias Germer, Biotest, Germany
• Individualized IgG replacement: What is an optimal immunoglobulin therapy related to patient’s age, IgG serum level and infection risk? – Prof Bodo Grimbacher, Freiburg, Germany
• Treatment options of primary antibody deficiencies beyond immunoglobulin Replacement – Prof Fabian Hauck, Munich, Germany

17.45-18.45 Orchard Therapeutics Symposium (not part of CME programme)

• Gene therapy for primary immune deficiencies – Prof Bobby Gaspar
• The evolving treatment of primary immune deficiencies in the Middle-East – speaker TBC
• Gene therapy for X-CGD: changing fortune: a historic perspective on the developments in the clinic with gene therapy in X-CGD – Prof Adrian Thrasher

Friday 10 November 2017

07.45-08.45 Shire Symposium (not part of CME programme)

Expert Insights on Shared Decision-Making in the Treatment of PIDD

07.45 – Welcome and Introduction
07.50 – Clinical Case 1
08.10 – Evaluating the new 20% SCIg data
08.20 – Clinical Case 2
08.40 – Panel Questions and Answers
08.45 – Summary of Key Learnings and Concluding Remarks

Nizar Mahlaoui, MD, MSc, MPH (Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, France)
Joris van Montfrans, MD, PhD (UMC Utrecht (WKZ), Netherlands)
Kenneth Paris, MD, MPH (Children’s Hospital, USA)

12.45 – 13.45 CSL Behring Symposium (Not part of CME  programme)

Programme TBC