IPIC2017 – Meet the Organising and Scientific Committee Members!

IPIC2017 will take place in the vibrant city of Dubai on 8-10 November 2017!
IPOPI, together with the Congress Organising and Scientific Committees, is putting together a great programme on key primary immunodeficiency clinical care issues. During IPIC2015, an impressive 80% of CME attendees indicated that IPIC would change their clinical practice.

IPIC2017 Organising Committee members:
Jose Drabwell (OC President), Prof Bobby Gaspar, Dr Nizar Mahlaoui, Prof Martin Van Hagen, Dr Mehdi Mohammad Adeli, Prof Aziz Bousfiha, Prof Antonio Condino-Neto, Dr Adli Ali, Dr Beatriz Carvalho, Prof Surjit Singh, Marcia Boyle, Martine Pergent, Nurse Carla Duff.

IPIC2017 Scientific Committee members:
Prof Bobby Gaspar (SC President), Dr Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, Prof Klaus Warnatz, Dr Saleh Al Muhsen, Dr Narissara Suratannon, Dr Monika Esser, Dr Suleiman Al-Hammadi.

Clinical management of primary immunodeficiencies
IPIC is a unique international scientific meeting focusing on the clinical management of primary immunodeficiencies. The congress has been designed to put the patient’s interest at the centre of all discussions. The uniqueness of IPIC comes from the fact that its programme is clinically orientated and prepared with the input of from the key PID stakeholders: doctors, patients and nurses.