Dr Marie Audrain, PharmD, PhD

Laboratoire d’immunologie
CHU de Nantes
9 quai Moncousu
44000 Nantes

After studying pharmacy at Nantes University, Marie Audrain specialized in biology and immunology. She then prepared a PhD and entered Nantes University Hospital as a practitioner in the immunology laboratory. One of the topics in the lab is lymphocyte studies including numeration of lymphocyte subpopulations in different conditions such HIV seropositive patients, transplanted patients and immune deficiency suspected patients. She is also interested in granulocyte and platelet immunology. Since 2009, she has developed a project about newborn screening for SCID. After a preliminary study including 5000 anonymized babies in France, she has obtained a grant from the French Ministry of Health to conduct a pilot study including 200 000 babies, which is now finished.