Sponsored sessions

Thursday 9 November 2017

12.45-13.45 Biotest Symposium (not part of CME programme)

The importance of safe and efficacious immunoglobulin therapies in PID patients

Chair: Bodo Grimbacher
• Quality and safety requirements for immunoglobulin preparations – Prof Matthias Germer, Biotest, Germany
• Individualized IgG replacement: What is an optimal immunoglobulin therapy related to patient’s age, IgG serum level and infection risk? – Prof Bodo Grimbacher, Freiburg, Germany
• Treatment options of primary antibody deficiencies beyond immunoglobulin Replacement – Prof Fabian Hauck, Munich, Germany

17.45-18.45 Orchard Therapeutics Symposium (not part of CME programme)

• Gene therapy for primary immune deficiencies – Prof Bobby Gaspar
• The evolving treatment of primary immune deficiencies in the Middle-East – Professor Hamoud Al-Mousa
• Gene therapy for X-CGD: changing fortune: a historic perspective on the developments in the clinic with gene therapy in X-CGD – Prof Adrian Thrasher

Friday 10 November 2017

07.45-08.45 Shire Symposium (not part of CME programme)

Expert Insights on Shared Decision-Making in the Treatment of PIDD

07.45 – Welcome and Introduction
07.55 – Clinical Case 1 – a 46 year-old teacher with a 5 year history of recurrent infections
08.10 – Evaluating the new 20% SCIg data
08.20 – Clinical Case 2 – a 2 year-old boy with repeated hospitalisations due to infections
08.40 – Panel Questions and Answers
08.45 – Summary of Key Learnings and Concluding Remarks

Nizar Mahlaoui, MD, MSc, MPH (Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital, France)
Joris van Montfrans, MD, PhD (UMC Utrecht (WKZ), Netherlands)
Kenneth Paris, MD, MPH (Children’s Hospital, USA)

12.45 – 13.45 CSL Behring Symposium (not part of CME  programme)

12.45–12.50      Introduction     Alex Richter, Chair, Birmingham, United Kingdom
12.50–13.05      Options for administration of IgG therapy Anna Šedivá, Prague, Czech Republic
13.05–13.20      Individualized IgG therapy for the patient, Emily Carne, Cardiff, United Kingdom
13.20–13.35      Practical considerations for IgG administration Alex Richter, Birmingham, United Kingdom
13.35–13.45      Q & A session